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Our Services

At California Polygraph Examiners, we provide our clients with the most scientifically validated techniques and technologies available, with the most up-to-date computerized instrumentation available; following standards set by the American Polygraph Association, and the American Association of Police Polygraphists.

Our goal is t help out clients resolve their problems as quickly and Professionally as possible.

 We conduct polygraph examinations (Lie Detector tests) for attorneys, governmental agencies and private citizens. We conduct examinations for district attorneys, US Attorneys, public defenders, private defience attorneys, civil attorneys, police departments, sheriff's departments, both federal and state law enforcement agencies, parole & probation departments, psychologists, therapists, armorer car companies, and private individuals.

All of our examiners are certified in Forensic Law Enforcement Testing, Clinical Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing, and are trained in Political Asylum Immigration Testing. Alll evidenuary examinations are reviewed following the strictest quality control standards to assure our clients with the most accurate results available.

RF Jordan & Associates, Inc. and Polygraph: Proof Positive have combined forces to help provide the best polygraph services possible to our clients. By creating California Polygraph Examiners, we have combined our professional talents, and law enforcement/polygraph expertise, we will be able to provide every client with an array of full polygraph services that are not available to most independent examiners.

We provide polygraph services in both the Criminal and Civil arenas. We are professionally trained and receive a minimum of seventy two hours of continuing education each year; receiving training in the latest research, law and other areas concerning the science of Forensic Psychophysiology.

We have testified as expert witnesses in various state and/or federal courts. With recent court decisions in New Mexico and Ohio, polygraph is now being accepted as evidence in more courts throughout the United States. Judges specializing in Political Asylum cases have been routinely accepting polygraph results to help determine whether an individual,requesting asylum in the United States, is being truthful regarding the reasons they are unable to return to their own country. Also, in parole and probation matters concerning convicted sex offenders, courts and parole boards are
routinely using polygraph.

All of our evidentiary examinations are quality controlled to ensure the highest degree of accuracy, to verify results, and to certify that all professional standards are met.

Please review our attached individual
Curriculum Vitae documents for more information on our polygraph experts and professional backgrounds. Combined, we have over 50 years in the polygraph
profession and 100+ investigative experience.

If you think you, or your client, might
need our professional services, please contact us to discuss the issues.

We have offices conveniently located in San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego to accommodate most of our clients. We also have the ability to travel almost anywhere to service clients that find it difficult to travel to us We provide our services throughout all of California and other major cities in the United States, parts of Canada and Europe (where allowed) to help our clients identify the truth. We have even traveled to Africa to help the Nigerian Government recently.

All of our examiners are former law enforcement investigators,with extensive experience. They have been professionally trained and are certified by the world’s premiere polygraph associations.
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Our Polygraph Services

All examinations are audio and video recorded. Each examination is administered on the latest computerized polygraph instrument using the most up to date sensing components and motion sensor equipment. If required, remote monitoring capabilities are available. 


Criminal Examinations:
Examinations are conducted for defence attorneys as well as prosecutors in an attempt to determine the truth. The polygraph is an effective tool in identifying the individual(s) involved in the criminal conduct under investigation; however, it is most effective in eliminating the individual who is unjustly accused of a criminal act they did not commit. In ongoing investigations we can help identify those with information of the crime, looking for concealed information, or guilty knowledge. All testing for Defence Attorneys comes under Attorney/Client Confidentiality

Pre-employment Examinations:
We administer pre-employment/screening examinations for law enforcement agencies and armorer car companies. We can assist agencies in the background investigative process by verifying the information submitted by an applicant and determining whether or not any of the provided information is false or misleading. We also can determine whether or not the applicant has failed to disclose any disqualifying information.

Internal Affairs: For governmental and law enforcement agencies, we can conduct polygraph examinations for internal investigations involving criminal activity and / or violations of professional standards.

Probation and Parole compliance: We conduct examination of parolees and probationers to determine if an offender on supervision is abiding by the conditions of his/her parole or probation. The examinations can be administered to identify new criminal activity, drug, or alcohol use, weapon possession, or any other violation of the individual's conditions of parole/probation.

Employer requested:
Employers who suffer an economic loss relating possibly to an employee theft, might ask an employee to take a polygraph to attempt to resolve the issue and solve the theft. This type of examination must meet the strict guidelines of the Employees Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA). The guidelines are very specific and the penalties are severe. Before an employee is asked to take a polygraph, the employer must research EPPA and fully comply with its rules and regulations. Information on EPPA can be found at.
Immigration/Asylum Issues: Polygraph, testing of individuals seeking asylum are used to determine the validity of the claims of the petitioner in federal courts in immigration cases. The statements of the petitioner requesting asylum can be verified by a polygraph examination.The results of the examination can assist the asylum officer and/or immigration judge in making an informed decision with regard to granting or withholding asylum.

Domestic/Fidelity Issue Examinations:
if you suspect that your significant other has betrayed your trust, or they have
accused you of betraying their trust, a polygraph can be administered to verify the truth.

​Specific Issue Examinations:
We will conduct a specific issue examination for an individual. If you have been accused of doing something specific and you want to prove you did not do it, we
can help you prove your innocence.

Paired Testing
: Mainly applicable in civil cases where both parties are represented by counsel and are agreeable to submitting to polygraph testing. By using the “MARIN PROTOCOL” we can achieve accuracy rates near to 100%. By testing both parties, using the standards set by The American Standards of Testing and Materials as well as the American Polygraph Association and their set protocol, the results are mathematically proven to be the most accurate method of verifying the truth possible.
Therapeutic testing: Like the Post Convictions Sex Offender Testing, this examination is completed to assist treatment providers in overcoming the client's denial and in determining treatment compliance issues.

Conviction Sex Offender Testing (PCSOT) :

Incident Offence/Specific Issue
: \
This examination is utilized to verify the facts surrounding the specific acts that lead to the criminal conviction of the offender. It is primarily used when the offender is in denial of the criminal misconduct. The specific Issue test is also used if there is a specific event in question, such as re-offending, or failure to follow one or more of the supervision guidelines.

This test is utilized to confirm the offender's progress and his/her compliance with his/her probation/parole conditions.

This test is administered to confirm the offender's progress and compliance to the guidelines of the treatment provider.

Sex History/Disclosure:
This examination is sometimes referred to as the Psycho-Sexual Evaluation Statement verification.It is used to verify the accuracy of the offender's disclosure of his sexual history to the treatment provider. It is used to determine the extent of the offender's deviancy and to determine if there are additional victims and/or additional offenses committed by the offender.

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